What is SAFT? (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens)

On the October 8th, 2017, Protocol Labs_, a research, development, and deployment lab for network protocols,_ out of publishes a White Paper in collaboration with Cooley LLP releases the white paper called “The SAFT Project: Toward a Compliant Token Sale Framework”.

Founded by Juan Benet, the man behind the IPFS and Filecoin, Protocol Lab’s new White Paper seems to be the cornerstone of the new venture called the Coinlist. a marketplace for the SAFT projects.

Learn more: IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol that responds to the problems of the loss of information on the Internet. Implementing the blockchain technologies the IPFS protocol aims to build a faster, safer and more open internet.

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Not the ICO

Modelled after the SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) that Y Combinator uses for early-stage investments, SAFT relies on the SEC Regulation D from the Rules 506(b) and 506(c). While limiting the sale of the token to the accredited investors, it provides the founders with the ability to pre-sale their tokens before the release of the working prototype.

Interesting fact: in case the company’s goal is to raise the funds from non-acredited investors primarily the pre-sale could be organized under the SEC Regulation Crowdfunding (RCF) under the Rule 504.

Now, once the product is launched and the founders aim to generate and distribute the initial amount of utility tokens to the community the ICO takes place.

Rule of thumb: SAFT is the pre-sale for the accredited investors only. ICO is to generate and distribute the utility tokens.

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Do you SAFT?

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