CLC at World Blockchain and Token Summit in Dubai.


Our CEO and Managing Partner Julia Nikolaev and Leading Token Economics Architect Andrey Verbitsky attended World Blockchain and Token Summit sponsored by our client BitRent in Dubai on March 4 -5, 2018. BitRent is one of our successful clients that raised $10M during its presale and is currently in a process of crowdsale. Additionally, our teammates were honored to speak at the private event organized by BitRent for the Leaders of the Middle East Real Estate Market in Dubai on March 6, 2018.


The whole event was held in a friendly atmosphere and was pretty successful for our friends. The total wealth of participants was around $15 Billion and some of them became investors of BitRent. The main purpouse of this event was to gather leaders of today’s blockchain industry and to present all the features of new trend in cryptoworld – unique constructional platform released with the help of blockchain technology.


BitRent were glad to present the functionality and to show the main advantages of created platform. Participants of the system get full access to the database of objects under construction, they can vote for the priority of projects, select an object for the parameters of interest and monitor the stages of a construction process in real time. One of the main and actually the smart feature of BitRent platform is the low entry threshold which allows attracting almost unlimited number of participants to any construction projects. At the same time the security is guaranteed by blockchain technology itself.


Our team is very happy that our clients and partners are gaining so much success in their campaign. We are proud to call them our friends!

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